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T-Motor Velox V2207 & V2306 V3 Motors Released!

T-Motor have released the latest version of their popular V2207 & V2306 Motor Range - the Velox V3. The V3 model builds on the best features of the V2 model with an upgrade of the motor materials and design. The windings have been upgraded to high temperature resistant single windings and a smart angular base is fitted to help save weight. As always T-Motor use high specification curved magnets for the best performance.

The T-Motor V2207 V3 & V2306 V3 are available in three smart colours which match their respective KV. The 1750KV is features a light purple annodised finish, the 1950KV features a light green finish, the 2050KV a light red finish and the 2550KV a pink finish.

Motor weight remains low for all models at around ~37g.

T-Motor recommend using their power combo for best performance - The Velox V50A ESC and Cine F7 FC. For props they recommend the T5146 Tri-Blades.

More information is available on the T-Motor Website and is available to purchase from HOBBYRC - V2207 V3 Models & HOBBYRC -V2306 V3 Models with the most popular models being the HOBBYRC - T-Motor V2207 V3 1950KV & HOBBYRC - T-Motor V2207 V3 1950KV in the UK.

Author: Mike Wilson
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