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Jumper T20 Transmitter Released

Jumper have released the compact T20 transmitter. The T20 comes in two models - the T20 with adjustable full size hall sensor gimbals and the T20S which features ALPS RDC90 sensor gimbals.

The T20 & T20S are available in two ELRS frequencies - the more common 2.4GHz and an 868MHz variant which should have better signal penetration for long range flights. Both advertise a stated 1W output.

The T20 includes a 1.3" OLED screen with 128x64 resolution and weighs in at around 443g. The T20 takes 2x 21700 cells for power - which can be charged via the on board USB-C port. That same port is also used for USB simulator connection. If you are transmitting at very high power, Jumper have wisely included an external XT30 connection which via can be used to power an external transmitter module bypassing the low current nano module pins.

The radio runs on edgeTX and unusually features no onboard SD card Slot. In its place is an internal storage chip which is likely to make the radio more reliable as traditionally cheap SD cards have been the cause of many technical issues on lower price transmitters.

The T20 transmitter features all the switches, scroll wheels and buttons you would expect to find on a modern radio. Their are 6 user assignable backlit function buttons included that can be customised with included stickers to state their function.

Jumper has also produced a number of optional accessories including a transparent replacement case, RDC90 Gimbals (if you want to upgrade your T20) and a CNC adapter plate to allow for easy mounting of external modules.

The Jumper T20 & T20s are available to purchase from HobbyRC in the UK. Jumper T20 ELRS 2.4GHz and Jumper T20 ELRS 868MHz


Author: Mike Wilson
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