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RadioMaster Pocket Announced!

Radiomaster has just announced the release of the new Radiomaster Pocket Radio.

The RadioMaster pocket is a small lightweight (288g) transmitter available in two versions. ELRS (Express LRS) & CC2500 (Multi-Protocol module) as well as two colours at launch - charcoal and clear/transparent. Both versions ship complete with EdgeTX firmware as you would expect and feature Hall sensor gimbals.

To help make this RadioMasters most portable radio yet, they have included a foldable antenna and removable stick ends. The rear of the case provides a location for the stick ends to be stored during transit.

The RadioMaster pocket is powered by two 18650 batteries and features an onboard USB-C QC3 based charger. The same USB-C port is also used for simulator usage if connected to a PC. 

The RadioMaster pocket includes trim switches for each gimbal axis as well as a smart feature that changes LED lighting depending on what input switch is selected - helping you to visualise the switch inputs.


- Item: Pocket Radio
- Physical dimensions: 156.6*65.1*125.3mm (Folded size) /156.6*73.1*154.8mm (Unfold size)
- Weight: 288 grams
- Operating frequency: 2.400GHz-2.480GHz
- Internal RF Options: CC2500 multi-protocol / ELRS 2.4GHz
- Supported protocols: Module dependent
- RF power: CC2500:100mW Max (20dBm) / ELRS FCC: 250mW Max (24dBm) / ELRS EU-LBT: 100mW Max (20dBm)
- Operational voltage: 6.6-8.4v DC
- Control distance: > 2km @ 20dBm
- Operating system: EdgeTX
- Control channels: Maximum 16 (Receiver dependent)
- Display: 128*64 Monochrome LCD
- Battery: 2pcs 18650 batteries (Not included)
- Charging: Built in USB-C QC3 Charging
- Upgradable Firmware: Via USB or the included SD card
- Gimbal: Hall-effect
- Module bay: Nano size (Compatible with RadioMaster Nano-size modules, TBS Nano Crossfire / Nano Tracer )

More information is available on the RadioMaster Website and is available to purchase from HobbyRC in the UK. RadioMaster Pocket ELRS and RadioMaster Pocket CC2500

Author: Mike Wilson
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