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AOS Supernova 2207 Motor Announced

Chris Rosser has announced a new motor, the AOS supernova 2207. Manufacturered by RCinPower

Chris told us some of the reasons and design choices for the new motor :-

- Usually with FPV motors you can only have power OR efficiency. The more powerful the motor the less efficient it becomes.

- The AOS Supernova 2207 breaks this rule by being the most powerful AND the most efficient 5" motor ever made. This was only possible with a completely new design approach.

- I've tested over 50 different  5" motors from all major motor manufacturers. Using that wealth of data I tuned a finite element motor simulation tool (originally from MIT) to accurately predict 5" motor performance.

- A single simulation runs in a minute or so which means that testing 10,000s of different motor designs becomes very feasible.

- I combined this with an optimisation algorithm used to train AI models to find the best possible combination of stator, rotor and magnet geometries. The result is a motor with a fully optimised magnetic design, the AOS Supernova 2207.

- Power to weight ratio, responsiveness, and thermal performance are all significantly better than any other 5" motor (verified through thrust stand testing)

- A great design is nothing without great manufacturing and quality control, RCinPower consistently make the best performing motors in FPV and are flown by the world's fastest drone racer Min Chin Kim

We are expecting reviews to be released soon so keep an eye on Chris' youtube channel for more information.

The AOS Supernova will be shortly be available to purchase from HobbyRC in the UK.

Author: Mike Wilson
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